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What People Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it...

"We love students and when Chris told us about Encourage U, we jumped at the chance to send encouragement boxes to two students!  Our desire was to send boxes to those students whose parents may not have the ability to send a care package, or someone who may need to feel loved and thought of!  It's been a blessing to know that these students know someone cares about them.    We too have been encouraged just as much as the students have been."

- Sherri, adopted two college students she has never met

"I love encouraging others and I love surprising people with good things. I think the girls I sent boxes to just liked knowing someone thought about them and took the time to send them something. They loved the devotionals or whatever was in there to encourage them to stay in God's word. They loved the candy of course.

I think the thing that helped them the most was the encouragement to stay in God's Word. Both my students struggled this semester to have time in God's word. I think this helped them the most."

- Ruth, mentor to college girls through her sorority alumni community

The thoughtfulness of it. I love that you all KNOW what our students are struggling most with and what they like the best. This helps me since I'm a few years away from this age group and have no idea what college kids really like. I'd still be sending chocolate chip cookies and little notes if it was up to me. ha!

I also love that it isn't just snacks! It has a reminder beyond that.

- Kim, mom of a college student

It made me feel so loved and supported even though I am so far away from home and my family/friends.

- Chase, freshman at Oklahoma University

I love that EncourageU keeps students in check with their faith and, if they start to stray, there is a box in the mail to remind them of their Heavenly Father :)

- Chloe, student at A&M Corpus Christi

I love that Encourage U is able to support and encourage students that are freshly new to college no matter how far away from home they are, and a constant reminder of how the Lord is working through us at college.

- Paige, student at Collin College

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