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Power of Influence

The power of influence is a powerful thing! So is the power of love for all of you Back to The Future fans. Cue: Huey Lewis and the news video here!

What someone communicates verbally and non-verbally matter. And our college students are inundated with information: from their professors, their college, their friends, and social media. All of these things are pulling at the hearts and minds of all of us. What we believe dictates what we do. And what these college students believe will dictate how they live or don’t live out faith. Which is why we must use our influence to help them see the world through a Biblical worldview. Because the world has all kinds of opinions and most of them are quite in opposition to what the Bible teaches. So as parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, relatives, and friends, we must be working to influence the thinking of this next generation.

One of our hopes with these college boxes is for you to have some influence in their spiritual lives. We hope these boxes spur on college students on in their spiritual journey. With each box, we add a devotion, Scripture memory verses, a book that will connect them to Biblical truth, a reminder about the importance of community, and some sort of tool to use such as a journal or podcast suggestions.

One of the best ideas we have seen is a subscriber parent that read the books that we send the students in order to have a discussion about the book with the student. That is one example of the power of influence. (and the parent loved the book and was helped along the way as well)

According to Amaura Kemmerer, research show that parents who engage in age-appropriate monitoring of their young adult can influence behavior and wellness. This includes communication strategies where parents inquire with their young adult about: how free time is spent, how often and where socializing occurs, whether there is any substance use and how stress and well-being are being managed. I would think the same applies for spiritual life.

Thank you for ordering a box! And if you do, please have a conversation with them about what they are learning. What was the memory verse in the last box? What was the book? Was there a certain theme? Ask them if they are attending church. You don't have to badger them but a friendly check in is always nice!

Our boxes are one way to spread some love but also some influence. Not only will college students get snacks and fun stuff; they will receive some Biblical influence! And in this crazy world of information, we hope that our boxes coupled with your love and encouragement along the way will help students find the great and awesome purpose of Jesus.

Your influence matters!

“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.” Ken Blanchard

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