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Letters from Grandad

Letters from a grandparent made all of the difference!

In an earlier blog, I talked about my love for mail. Getting something from the mailbox is a great day! Even getting those fast food coupons in envelopes makes me happy. Thank you, Valpack!

When I attended Texas Tech University, I didn’t have a lot of financial support. My parents didn’t pay for my college and I didn’t get any scholarships. I paid for my college and I worked at least 2 jobs at a time to make tuition payments each semester. I can remember scraping all of my money together and sometimes looking for change in my car or under the couch to make it all work.

Because of that, there was one piece of mail that I loved more than any other. My grandad would send me $100 a month during my college years to help me out. And when that letter came, it was a great day. Sometimes that money would go right into the bank in order to help me make those college payments. Every now and again, a part of it might get used on something trivial like a pizza buffet (thank you, Godfatrher's Pizza) or a new video game purchase.

When that letter would come, it was a powerful reminder to me that my grandad loved me and that he supported my decision to go to college. If I saw a letter from my grandfather, it provided a beacon of hope. A reminder not to give up. Someone believed in me!

Besides the money, I treasured the letters. My grandad would keep me posted on the things happening in his world. He would keep me posted on his latest projects. He would give me his observations on all things politically and give his thoughts on those “idiots in DC.” He would tell jokes. He would cut out news articles or cartoons that he enjoyed reading and include in the letters. He would tell family history and tell me about things I never knew. Whatever he was interested in; he wrote about it. And every letter, he would remind me of how proud he was of me. And then he would close each letter with a verse or a God inspired thought.

I loved those letters. And as time went on, I would begin to be more excited about the letters and its content than the money. I still needed the money but as I matured, the letters were the things that I treasured the most. I began to write back. I would share with him things in my life. I would find news articles to send to him. I would share verses and encourage him. In college, it was a great 4.5 years of letter writing and sharing life together through written word.

Even after college and into my married life, my grandad and I continued writing letters back and forth. (P.S. the money did stop after graduation!) We had a special bond through these letters. And when we saw each other in person, we always had something to talk about because we knew each other. We had a common experience and understanding.

He passed away after about 6 years into my marriage. I thank the Lord for Him! He believed in me. He loved me. He shared his life with me. I am the first person in my family to graduate college and I thank God for this man who gave so much of Himself.

I can't wait to see you again!

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