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I love mail!


I love mail! I mean, I really love mail! One of the highlights of my day is coming home and looking in my mailbox. Most of the time, I am disappointed because it is usually a bill or some junk coupons. But, every now and then, I will actually get something good. Maybe a wedding invite or a graduation announcements. Those are good days! But on the better than average days, I will get some kind of personal mail. And on a day when I get a handwritten note or a birthday card, those are GREAT days! And on even better mail days, I get cards with money or baked goods. Those days are AMAZING mail days! And the best kind of mail always includes some kind of cash or gift cards. (if you need my mailing address, please let me know!)

When I was at Sky Ranch as a counselor, I loved when my friends or family would send me care packages. There was so much joy when I got to show off my treasure in front of my fellow camp counselors. Getting this kind of mail made me feel loved and special. It was a powerful reminder that someone in my world cared about me and missed me. I would love opening my box in front of the others as a way to let them know I was loved and a big deal back home.

At Texas Tech University, my current girlfriend and now wife would send me cookies in the mail. And of course, the always appreciated handwritten letters. This was a FANTASTIC mail day!

Part of the reason for this new ministry is the idea of giving students mail. Yes, it will give them resources designed to strengthen their faith as well as practical items, fun toys, snacks, and other surprises. But they will receive mail! A box that will be a powerful reminder that they are missed. That someone back home is praying for them. That they are loved. And perhaps they will get the opportunity to open if front of their roommates as a flex of strength.

I love mail! And I know that most people do as well.

I challenge you to mail something to someone today! It will bless someone and make their day. And if you know a college student, send them some cookies. Drop them a gift card! And if you want to send them a box to help encourage their faith, we can help!


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